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College students struggling to pay living expenses, survey finds

Nearly half of all college students say they struggle to afford living expenses, according to a survey carried out by the Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) and youth website Spunout.

The findings show that 88% worry about money, while over 40% stress about money all of the time.

Finding and keeping a job, travel expenses, paying rent, as well as college fees and books, were some of their biggest financial concerns.

In order to cover third level expenses, 71% said they plan to work part-time, 59% said they will receive support from their parents, while 40% said they will be relying on the student grant.

Nearly two thirds of those surveyed said they’d like to improve their money management or budgeting skills.

When it comes to understanding financial topics, over a quarter of those surveyed say they don’t have much understanding at all.

Over half have some understanding, while 20% said they have a good understanding.

The majority of students felt they were not at all knowledgeable about Personal Contract Plans (PCPs), while 31% weren’t at all knowledgeable about mortgages and 40% weren’t at all knowledgeable about investments.

In response to the findings of the survey, the Credit Union and spunout have launched ‘Money on your Mind,’ a content series on that addresses the main financial concerns of 18-25 year old’s, and provides advice around managing money, financial stress and information on financial topics.

The campaign – which goes live today – will also include real-life stories from 18-24 year olds about their financial struggles and successes.

Article Source – College students struggling to pay living expenses, survey finds – RTE – Gill Stedman

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